My Goals during my residence in Spain

LANGUAGE: To become more confident and to not worry so much about making mistakes during general conversations in Spanish, thus meaning I will practice my spoken Spanish more.

PERSONAL: To improve both my organisational and my study skills by setting myself specific, daily tasks to work on relating to what I learnt at University that morning.

ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT: To practice translating texts both from and into Spanish during my free time.

INTERCULTURAL KNOWLEDGE: To gain a knowledge of Hispanic dancing styles.

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One thought on “My Goals during my residence in Spain

  1. Hola Megan,

    Está muy bien ponerse metas para ir viendo cómo mejoramos. Deberías tratar de escribir tus metas en español. ¿por qué no las traducis y así vas empezando a lograr tu objetivo acadéico de practicar la traducción de textos? Yo puedo revisar tu traducción y darte correcciones.

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