Le video contien plus 15 mon pour cela je ne peut pas le publié ici ! Par contre c’est possible de voir grâce à ce lien au-dessus

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One thought on “Picstory

  1. On the whole this is a good photostory in as much as it tells us something about the local culture from a personal perspective.
    CONTENT: The pictures support the comments. There is a varied and well-chosen sequence of images. The student has given us a flavour of his experience in Belgium. He has provided an good overview of the different aspects of his life

    Language : In terms of language the photostory contained some awkward expressions which do not entirely conform to French norms as well a number of grammatical errors.
    Please reflect upon the following
    Superlative: La cathédrale plus jolie (la plus jolie) ; le club plus
    Commen ici (comme ici)
    Des bons moments
    PRESENTATION: The presentation of the photostory is of a good standard overall although one photo refers to a cultural reference but it is not clear what it entails.

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