4 thoughts on “Spain Photo Story…(To Be Marked)

  1. PHOTO STORY (15%)
    Content 60%
    Good and original sequence of images. Good narrative. Engages with the experience of being in an unfamiliar cultural setting. Successful attempt to set personal experience in a broader context. Achieves a good degree of intercultural awareness and insight.

    Language 30%
    Very good command of grammar and syntax. Only a few minor errors.
    Appropriate register and style. Expression clear, intelligible and appropriate overall.

    Presentation 10%
    Presentation good. Effectively organised. Good structure and reasonably complete information. Contains right number of photographs and has the right length.

  2. Es un link de descarga y funciona en todos los ordenadores en los que he probado. ¿Le gustaría que lo envíe por email?

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