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Welcome to the Languages Abroad site. This site is now being maintained by the University’s IT Service and should provide a stable and secure environment for you to blog about your experiences on your year abroad.

You can only create ONE blog. Please use this blog throughout your residence abroad period, remember when you change countries to add categories with the country name.

Good luck!

Learn more about Language Graduate placement opportunities

The European Commission Representation in the UK has teamed up with to produce a series of video interviews with languages graduates to promote the wide range of careers that a degree in modern languages can lead to and to highlight the importance of the year abroad. The graduates featured in the clips have found work in business, finance, the media, the police, international development, education, sport, diplomacy and translation thanks to their language abilities and the skills developed on the year abroad.

Languages serve as a launch pad to a whole host of different careers and these videos are intended to give young people a better idea of where languages can take them and to encourage them to continue with their language studies and take advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by the year abroad.

There are fourteen two-minute video interviews, each featuring a different graduate, and one longer five-minute video summarising the key message that languages boost your career. To view the videos, just click on the link below: